Many people wonder why they should bother to learn English since it is one of the most difficult languages on the planet. The truth is that there are many different reasons that learning it is important. We’ve prepared a list of ten of them. When you are engaged in your English studies and worrying how you will ever learn the difference between which and witch, refer to this list to find motivation.

Foreign language speakers are more likely to speak English than any other language. In fact, when people who speak different languages meet, they speak in their shared language, English, to ease communication.

You might be wondering why you should bother to learn such a difficult language. One reason is that you will more likely to get a job due to your bilingual ability.

Even though China is surging in influence, the US remains a leader in both economic development and technical innovation. That’s why English is used in both of these fields.

During Great Britain’s colonial period, the use of the English language spread through the world. Many small island nations, parts of Africa and India, and the citizens of Canada, New Zealand, and Australia speak English. It is the single most common second language in the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Germany. When you speak English, the cultures of these countries become available to you.

The language of science is now English. It is vital to understand it if you wish to succeed in this field.

Because the language is based on a readily understandable alphabet, the initial learning curve is rapid.

You won’t have to rely on subtitles when you watch Hollywood movies when you can understand English.

Within the US. understanding this language immediately increases your opportunities no matter what your background, color, or ethnicity.

Once you learn the language, you can help your children learn it. Or, if they already know how to speak it, you can talk to them in English as well as your native language.

Non-English speakers in the US don’t earn as much money as English speakers do. You will increase your standard of living once you learn it, because you will have better job prospects.