Three Reasons You Need a Liquor Licensing Attorney

If you’ve got a great idea for a pub or restaurant and want to serve liquor to your patrons, it’s going to be necessary to get a license to do so. You might not be thinking about getting a liquor licensing attorney, but it’s smart to get one for the following reasons.

-You Need to Know if Licenses are Available

The first reason a liquor licensing attorney can be helpful is that they can investigate Image result for cost of liquor licenseavailable licenses in the area where you want your pub to be. It can be surprising for you to find out that there might not be any liquor licenses out there to be had. Most municipalities only have a certain number of licenses until the local government approves more, which does not happen on a regular basis. Therefore, if there are no licenses in the area where you want your pub to be, your lawyer may have to look into nearby areas to see where you can get a liquor license.

-You Have to Be Sure You’re Eligible

Even if there are some licenses available in your area, you may not be able to secure one. There are some things in your past that could affect whether you can have a liquor license in your name. A lawyer will help you go over the following things to see if there’s a problem:

-Your credit history
-Any criminal background
-Financial situation of you and any co-owners
-Tax returns

Once your lawyer has been able to determine you have no troublesome items in your background, they can put a bid in for you.

-You Need to Know the Costs Involved

You might expect to put out some money for the license, but you may not have a true idea of what a liquor license costs. In fact, in some areas, the license can cost over one million dollars. If you want your pub to be in a desirable location, it’s vital that you are aware of possible costs so you can figure out how you’ll be able to pay for it.

The lawyer can find out the price of available licenses and negotiate on your behalf so that you can possibly get a discount. They can also ensure that the terms are fair.

With all the information above, hopefully you understand why you need a good, experienced lawyer to assist you in the liquor license process. Consult some local attorneys for more guidance.

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