The Advantages of a Townhouse in Penticton

If you are thinking of buying a new property, you should try purchasing a townhouse. And just so it happens there are Penticton townhomes for sale. In this article, you will find all about the advantages of owning a townhouse and why you will love it more than any other living option. Although most people perceive townhouses as glorified apartments, they could not be more wrong. And here is why!

You have your own piece of land

Townhomes are not single detached unit houses, apartments or condominiums. They are a combination of all three put together. Most think that townhouses are condominiums, but this is entirely untrue. In a condominium, you only own the airspace inside the walls. All the rest, the exterior parts are in common ownership. With a townhome, you own the patch of land your property sits on. Having a piece of planet Earth is the dream and it also gives you financial independence.

Having a beautiful yard

Even though the piece of garden you will own won’t be huge, it will be green and alive. Now, here is where the strata come in. You pay a tax each month to these folks and in return they will take care of that patch of grass, repaint the exterior, re-shingle the roof and blow the leaves out of your parking space. In addition, in the winter they will also remove the snow out of the parking lot.

Townhomes come with community

When you buy a townhouse, you also enter a community. And what is excellent about a community is that it has amenities. Townhouse developments offer you a pool, a gym, tennis courts, recreational club, a laundry room and maybe even a cinema. And if any of these amenities is missing, you can gather the community and together you can contribute to getting that facility added (if space permits it).

Townhouses are cheaper

Most of the times townhouses are more affordable than single-family homes or free-standing houses. In addition, because the houses are so close together to one another, you basically receive the same stuff. That means that for all the services you will pay less than you would do if you lived in a regular home.

Have your neighbors keep an eye on you

This advantage is handy for seniors and those “medically fragile”. This is a real benefit. Having your neighbors close by, offers all the advantages of a retirement home but, at the same time, you still have privacy. Also, if you need to leave for a longer period, you can ask your neighbors to keep an eye on your place while you are gone.

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