Our Tac Con Trigger The Latest Trend For Gun Fans

The Tac Con Trigger is one of the products we now offer
for enthusiasts that prefer the option of selectable firing. The
drop-in system is a type of three-mode model. The 1st position regarding
the modes is “Safe” that is present in all of our ARs. The 2nd mode on
these guns will convert the device into a semi-automatic mode that
contains one stage, a match grade and 4.5 pound pull. The 3rd mode
offers a 4.5 pound pull and a single stage that is TAC CON patented.
This mode features virtually no take-up along with a positive-reset
feature. This feature is handy in reducing the time that elapses between

The 3rd  mode of our Tac Con Trigger guns offers a
delicate balance between an increased rate of controlability and fire.
Once you select the 3rd mode you can easily increase your firing rate
without compromising on accuracy. Various test rates have been conducted
on out Tac Con Trigger and all test subjects reported back that they
were able to reach increased rates-of-fire than they usually reached in
the standard trigger group. The method in which our Tac Con was designed
allows for such rapid fire. However, due to this design, this stage is
not recognized as a fully-automatic part and has been classified as a Top AR 15 Trigger semi-automatic.

Facts About Our 3MR System

The installation process is very easy, all that you need to do is pop out your old one and insert your 3MR.
The Tac Con Trigger is the only 3 mode selectable semi-automatic on the available markets today.
The third-mode position have a 4.5 pull that is non-adjustable.

The components on this gun are Nickel Teflon coated to provide ease-of-action and durability.
Our System Is Not Regarded As Fully AutomaticOur 3MR is not classified
as fully-automatic due to the action involved in the pull. In actuality,
you are required to pull the trigger each time you take a shot.
However, the design allows you to shoot at highly increased speeds
making the gun act like an automatic device. In order for a gun to be
recognized as automatic, the trigger only requires to be held in once in
order for a firing mode of multiple shots.

The design of the 3MR
operates on utilizing a bolt carrier rearward motion that resets your
trigger. This action occurs so quickly that you are able to fire your
shots in a rapid succession.

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