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hour of need



A desperate time.

Context : Relationships, Social Life
Category: Idiom
Semantic: desperate, support

Usage of “hour of need”

  1. This is my last chance. This is my hour of need.

  2. She was there for me in my hour of need after my parents died.

Examples of idiom “hour of need” from Twitter
  • Default avatar for Twitter user 'simonrarnold'

    @ihallam glad I could be there for u in your hour of need!

  • Default avatar for Twitter user 'welshwonder11'

    I hate how I can't be there for my friends in thier hour of needs because were all spread accross the country

  • Default avatar for Twitter user 'B_Community'

    @RKTweets :) I always crank up my iPod and rely on Twitter whenever stuck in a commuting crisis. Glad to be there though your hours of need!