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got nothing on



Nothing in comparison. Not even close enough in skill or qualities to try to compare.

Context : Sports
Category: Slang, Vernacular
Semantic: incomparable

Usage of “got nothing on”

  1. You ain't got nothing on me on the basketball court. (I am much better than you.)

Examples of idiom “got nothing on” from Twitter
  • Default avatar for Twitter user 'CeezleWheezle'

    lmmfao.! they got nothing on ME baby.! nothing on ME baby.!

  • Default avatar for Twitter user 'KitaB09'

    beautiful girls all over the world ii could be chasing but my time would be wasted they got nothing on yuuuuuuuuuu baby!

  • Default avatar for Twitter user 'swirlydancer'

    Perfection. They've got nothing on you! (:

  • Default avatar for Twitter user 'Toi_Baby'

    They ain't got nothing on you baby!