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go nuts



To go crazy or insane.

Context : Popular Culture, Relationships, Social Life
Category: Slang, Vernacular
Semantic: crazy, insane, wild

Usage of “go nuts”

  1. If this boring lecture continues I am going to go nuts.

  2. That constant repetitive music is driving me nuts.

Examples of idiom “go nuts” from Twitter
  • Default avatar for Twitter user 'ItsEileenOhyeah'

    Why do people chew their gum with an open mouth? How hard can it be to freaking close it?! I'm going nuts over here

  • Default avatar for Twitter user 'GenevieveLxq'

    Laptop going nuts on me, disconnecting every 5min again. -_-

  • Default avatar for Twitter user 'chrisbevan_bbc'

    Australia v Germany part II... and the German coach is going nuts in front of me because his man has levelled up after winning the 2nd race.

  • Default avatar for Twitter user 'MuzicMistress'

    @tyrabanks My daughter went nuts when you walked on Kids Choice stage. "Tyra, Tyra, Tyra!!!!!" She loves ya!

  • Default avatar for Twitter user 'MarilynNo5'

    @Faye531 I went to UFC last night great fights! The crowd went nuts Booing as soon as Brock Lesner entered the stadium crazy hatred man

  • Default avatar for Twitter user 'PetsPhotography'

    Last night I played a blank CD at full blast. The mime next door went nuts.