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get sacked



To be terminated from your position.

Context : Business, Politics, Sports
Category: Idiom
Semantic: oust, tackle, terminate

In American football, a sack is when the quarterback is tackled behind the line of scrimmage.

Usage of “get sacked”

  1. The deputy prime minister was sacked amongst false allegations.

  2. A more agile quarterback is less likely to be sacked.

Examples of idiom “get sacked” from Twitter
  • Default avatar for Twitter user 'lynnebtw'

    Bastard police better get sacked for entering without permission or a warrent. illegal bamss :@

  • Default avatar for Twitter user 'Dannyhackett'

    Ouch, the person I'm working with tonight just got sacked for being late.

  • Default avatar for Twitter user 'Marikacobbold'

    @jonreed chris grayling has tested my patience beyond its limits. The man is an idiot and should get sacked.

  • Default avatar for Twitter user 'alonibge'

    Unhappy with your MP? They get sacked on Monday so do what you can to ensure they don't get back in. No apathy, make sure you Vote!