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false dilemma



An argument or problem falsely presented as having only two positions or solutions when in fact there are many.

Context : Politics
Category: Idiom
Semantic: argue, fallacy, logic

Usage of “false dilemma”

  1. The prime minister is nuanced in his policies. It is refreshing not to be fed false dilemmas.

Examples of idiom “false dilemma” from Twitter
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    @notytony Simple. The answer is always a snarky third alternative to a false dilemma. E.g. "Diff btwn Ambassador & FIat?" -> Maruti 800

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    @mermaidshells Here's that tired canard.You are really boring me.It's a false dilemma.We don't have to choose this or nothing.I do care.

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    President false dilemma RT @BarackObama: If you agree that the health insurance system is not working for ordinary families, help us fix it