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backroom deals



Deals made in secrecy.

Context : Business
Category: Idiom
Semantic: covert, secrecy
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Usage of “backroom deals”

  1. Who knows what happened in the backroom deals?

Examples of idiom “backroom deals” from Twitter
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    The worst thing about healthcare reform is that our country was destroyby votes in the middle of the night and backroom deals.

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    Republicans can repeal all the backroom deals that use money we don't have to purchase support for controversial legislation. #hcr #hc

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    backroom deals in corporate America is called bribery and extortion. In the Washington is called business as usual. Robin Smith

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    To clarify, this reconciliation package simply amends the HCR law: takes out a few backroom deals, adds more subsidy $, scale back taxes,etc

  • Default avatar for Twitter user 'STOPOBAMA2012'

    If #hcr was so great, why all the dirty backroom deals, and why is Obama still campaigning for it?