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Refers to the system of racial segregation that existed in South Africa.

Context : History, Politics
Category: Lexicon, Loan Word
Semantic: racism, segregation

This term can be used to refer to any system of segregation. This is an Afrikaans loan word.

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Usage of “apartheid”

  1. Mohandas Gandhi witnessed acts of racism under apartheid while working as a barrister in South Africa.

Examples of idiom “apartheid” from Twitter
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    As an English atheist it's clear tht Islamophobia,rather thn ignorance,is the reason for my compatriots' approval of the apartheid state #fb

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    @Jim_Linehan What about ministers who were arrested protesting apartheid? Was that Marxist?

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    Ill say it again, apartheid cannot be defeated by apartheid. It does not matter if sum1 else categorizes u into racial or color groups or...