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a handout



Food, money, or clothing given away for free.

Context : Politics, Social Life
Category: Idiom
Semantic: charity

While a handout is a charitable gesture, the modern usage of the term has a negative connotation. Handouts to homeless people, for example, have been criticized for contributing the homeless problem by encouraging people not to seek work. The term is also in vogue in politics. It is synonymous with "welfare" and "government spending". The Right uses the term "handout" frequently when criticizing the policies of the Left.

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Usage of “a handout”

  1. Handouts can save a life.

  2. Government handouts are hurting this country.

Examples of idiom “a handout” from Twitter
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    For all the support I have thank you but I would t feel honest accepting a handout

  • Default avatar for Twitter user 'bigtuan'

    @Nixmyth ever notice that when you give a "begger" a handout they always say "god bless"?

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    ricksanchezcnn not everyone who is needing a handout is lazy. There are many Americans suffering becasue if unemployment and not enough jobs