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affirmative action



A social policy in education and business.

Context : Education, Law, Politics
Category: Lexicon
Semantic: quota

Affirmative Action is a social policy that attempts to increase the participation of historically non-dominant ethnic groups in education and employment institutions.

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Usage of “affirmative action”

  1. What is your position on Affirmative Action?

  2. Affirmative Action is a controversial, political issue.

Examples of idiom “affirmative action” from Twitter
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    How White affirmative action Works: Imagine the difference if membrs of Rev. Jackson or Rev Sharpton's organizations were inciting violence!

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    .... "affirmative action is worthless. I got into Harvard/Princeton/Yale on my own....MERIT" #DayinTheLifeofABlackRepublican

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    Is affirmative action progressing racial equality? I do not think so.