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A generic label for an introductory college course in any subject. Used informally when helping someone learn something.

Context : Education
Category: Idiom
Semantic: basic, elementary, intro
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Examples of idiom “101” from Twitter
  • Default avatar for Twitter user 'iMeluny'

    Heading to NEXUS Resource Center for Net Impact Boston's "Sustainability 101: Green Building" panel discussion. See you there!

  • Default avatar for Twitter user 'Suggas'

    tommyleelester at @Suggas getting fashion tips from Mychael Knight...stay tune for @ Suggas Style 101 hosted by Mychael Knight

  • Default avatar for Twitter user 'HackThisOrg'

    RT @M2C4F: ...tomorrow 101 session course... #OSCP é treta!! #infosec #hacking