Affordable Tubal Ligation Reversal For Georgia Residents

If you live in Gainesville Georgia and want to reverse your tubal ligation, there are plenty of affordable surgeons you can turn to. Our surgeons are experts and will help you regain your fertility so you can start a family. Read on to learn more about reversing your tubal ligation at an affordable price.

Many people undergo tubal ligation when they are younger, thinking they are never going to want to start a family. Things can change rapidly however, and you might now find yourself wanting to have children. This can be a frustrating place to be in because you are now unable to have children.

Thankfully, our surgeons can reverse your tubal ligation by reconnecting your fallopian tubes so your egg can be fertilized. We do this procedure on an outpatient basis and you won’t need to stay in the hospital overnight or deal with unsightly scars. The surgery is successful for most women, though the success rate depends on how much of your tubes are available to be repaired and your age.

The procedure is more successful for women who are under 40 years old and not overweight. If you are obese or over 40, your chances of success begin to dwindle. If our surgeons feel that tubal reversal isn’t the right option for you, there are other procedures that are available like in vitro fertilization. You should visit our Gainesville Georgia Tubal Ligation Reversal website.

If you are thinking of having the surgery, you want to start preparing for it. You should get your weight in check and if you are obese, realize that the excess weight increases your risk of infections, strokes, and hernias during and after the procedure. Being obese also has an effect on your fertility and will decrease it. If you do get pregnant, your pregnancy could be more complicated because your risk of diabetes and high blood pressure skyrockets when you are pregnant.


Our surgeons perform the surgery through a tiny incision. The surgeon reattaches your fallopian tubes and checks to ensure that they are open and that an egg can pass through. Once it is confirmed that your tubes are open, the incision is closed and the surgery is complete. You can go home the same day after your expirience with Tubal Ligation Reversal Dr. Greene.

Let our Gainesville Georgia tubal ligation specialists help you regain your fertility and start a family. Schedule a free consultation and see what your options are. Having children is possible.

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