Idiomquest is a searchable database of American English idioms. It is designed to be used as a reference site to support the learning interests of students (TOEFL, ESL, EFL), businesses, and linguists.

What is an IDIOM?

An idiom is a phrase that uses words you already know, but combines them in such a way that the phrase conveys another meaning. Like any spoken language, English is filled with idioms. Becoming familiar with idioms will help you understand, and eventually produce, native-sounding English. It is idiomatic language, a rich carrier of culture, that will give you the fluency of an English speaker.


Use this site to prepare for your TOEFL exam and supplement your ESL or EFL course work. Learn the nuances of spoken American English.


Learn common idioms used at the office. Lookup idioms found in your customers’ emails and correspondence. Improve your negotiation and interview skills.


Your circle of friends provides one of the best contexts for hearing and using idioms. Observe pop culture films and music for rich, idiomatic language.